Our mission is to provide tailor-made specific programs that will impart the most appropriate knowledge and skill in basic, intermediate or advance level to assure that our Malaysian Hotel Employees achieves International standards.

We pride ourselves to have formulated and make available the most cost effective and mission effective Training & Development Program appropriately titled “The G.I.F.T Program”. This has allowed us to strategically focus on five core operations in an operating hospitality based business which is Customer Service, Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, Leadership and Information Technology.

These programs are designed to capitalize in result orientated modules enhancing their working knowledge of their current scope of employment.

Also in this division, we constantly fine-tune training and development short programs to meet the needs of private or government service sectors. We create programs that are cost effective and goal impacted to rekindle the minds of the employed workforce to understand their means of employability and to ultimately upgrade themselves to productive and positive level.

We are a “Class A” SBL Khas and SBL HRDF Certified Training and Development Company. Clients can easily obtain the approval and our team will be ever obliged in aiding the process and advice for smooth and speedy claims. The terms and conditions of HRDF are applicable.