We work hard to create a leading path for effective skills and knowledge base curriculum that is made available for all Malaysians regardless of status quo.

We believe that knowledge and experience together achieves tremendous effect and affect on an individual in hospitality orientated industry sectors. We constantly strive to create programs; projects and community services that are fine tuned to our motto and deliver them to the Malaysian Hospitality Sector Operators.

We create for the benefit of the employer and employee and ultimately complement the Ministry’s Vision and Goal to produce employability among our citizens and knowledge and skill to match International standards targeted to the current and future employees of our nation.

Knowledge alone will not take us to the intended goal, to apply knowledge and gain positive and productive experience will; and to constantly apply the right skill to increase employability is the key to our nation’s positive workforce.

We fully understand that the place of employment is the actual classroom where performances are rated and graded continuously and here at MHE; we basically bring the work place into the classroom and speak to you on what you understand and how you continue to understand your work and how knowledge could be applied to give you the extra edge of being the employee that all employer’s seek.